The Windows 64bit Thread (for AMD64)

By Arris
May 27, 2004
  1. Well last night around midnight I decided that I'd finally get round to installing my Beta of Windows XP 64bit since I had now downloaded ATI Catalyst 64bit beta drivers to try it out with.

    All I can say that I had gotten so used to watching Windows installs where it says "Estimated time until completion" for the install and smirking to myself when the "estimated 39 minutes" turned out to be about 5-10 minutes on my reasonably powerful PC. Windows XP 64bit install took me back to the days when it did take ages to install. The estimate may have been overly generous as it did take at least 39 minutes to install. By the time it was completed all I did was install the ATI drivers and go to bed.

    I'll update this thread as I play a bit more with this 64bit beta and post any pertinent information for future reference. ;)
  2. Didou

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    The Windows 64bit Thread (for AMD64 & Intel EM64T )

  3. Arris

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    Well thats not what the OS said when it was installing ;)
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