The windows System Image backup defaults too many drives?

By BlackScarlet
Aug 16, 2013
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  1. I am trying to use the Windows System Image tool to create a backup image of my system drive in case something messes up so I wouldn't have to completely reinstall but I could just restore this backup, but there is a problem. When choosing what drives to include, Windows makes system drives mandatory. This would be understandable if it limits it to the C drive on my windows 7 system, but I have a dual boot system, so it has made my XP system drive mandatory too, and I only want to backup my W7 C drive. As you can see, I can't unclick it. How can I only backup the W7 C drive without the XP drive?

  2. gbhall

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    This might not happen if you remove the drive letter assignment from XP partition when in Win 7.

    If Win 7 won't let you (which will happen if your Win7 boot files are on the XP partition), or maybe you want to access data on the XP partition from Win 7, then you either

    (a) live with it
    (b) use a different drive image product. There are many to choose from, some with a free version - although possibly more limited in capability.

    My advice would be to ignore Acronis, btw - used to be market leader, has since fallen in a swamp and is liable to drown you. Check out this site where a lot of knowledgeable discussion about the whole subject goes on

    On there, is a discussion that the built-in windows backup is a dud anyway - no future, no compression, no.......quite a long list

    For a dual-boot system (I have the same myself), an excellent solution is BootItBM which includes bundled partition management and DOS drive imaging (I bought the speciall bundle, includes Image for Windows as well). With that you can have a multi-boot setup which installs automatically, hides the drives you don't want to see, and gives you all the drive imaging you might want also, with or without rebooting. It's consequently a little more complex than say Macrium or Paragon once you go beyond the automatic basics.

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