There is about 30000 directories on my desktop

My friends launched a batch file on ,my windows computer with his USB key. He explained to me that this batch file loop and create a lot of folder on my desktop. After that I tried to remove them by using the windows terminal. I failed. I can't delete them manually, because I can't open the desktop folder and ther is no more file on my pc. I am lagging a lot when I open it. I tried to restart my computer a few times. It didn't work either. I put my bootable usb key in my pc and now I am on my linux debian os. I can see my windows folder from this OS but I can't interact with them. Is there a way to delete all the files without deleting all my stuff on it ?

This was on the batch file:
@Echo off
mkdir %random%
goto loop

Thank you in advance
btw he is not my friend anymore, I'm almost a noob in computer and im french so sorry for my english.


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Once your HDD get super busy and flooded by that batch command it is tough to get control back...edit the batch file to render it useless Safe Mode..barring that you could replace the HDD and install Windows fresh and that would keep your files on the original drive safe. Give the invoice to your friend to pay$$?