This gamer onesie features a 'Drop Seat System 6.0' for easy bathroom breaks


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WTF?! Bauhutte, the Japanese company that seems to think it can add the word “gamer” before any product in order to increase its appeal, is back at it again with an updated version of its onesie that lets you answer the call of nature without having to remove the stinking material you’ve been festering inside for days.

As reported by Soranews24, Bauhutte’s Damegi 4G, or “Ninja Onesie” in English, is one of the company's more popular products—though despite the misleading name, it has no cellar connectivity.

Designed with gamers in mind, users can encase themselves inside what is essentially a wearable blanket, complete with a front section that can be zipped past the eyes, weirdly. This allows for some marathon Civilization sessions without feeling the cold. The problem is that annoying need to visit the bathroom.

Thanks to an upgrade called the “Drop Seat System 6.0,” wearers no longer have to go through the arduous task of removing the Damegi 4G when going for a sit-down toilet visit. It promises “amazingly speedy butt release and butt cleanup,“ something we can all appreciate.

The Damegi 4G has an impressive 4.3 out of 5 rating on Amazon’s Japanese site, where it costs the equivalent of around $100. It’s also on this site for $249, a price that would probably convince users just to wear diapers.

We’ve covered some of Bauhutte’s questionable products in the past. Last year, there was its ‘gaming bed’ that appears to be a regular bed with the company’s side units and desks placed around the outside. There was also its ‘gaming mattress,’ which, again, looks suspiciously like a normal mattress. And no RGB on any of them.

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So it’s just a comfy looking onesie with a poo flap. It’s probably quite decent tbh. Personally il stick to my robes for those hangover days where you don’t leave your pit and play old RPGs all day long.


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There is literally no reason to ever play a marathon round of civ unless you want to sit around for 12 hours straight.


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You could just cut a hole into a foldable chair and put a bucket underneath and then slide down you pants when you need to use the restroom. Or you could use an adult diaper lmao.
This is even better. It'll cost less and also you wouldn't even have to go to the bathroom. Win/win


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If it did not have this "feature," it would be a deal breaker for me! /s 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣:rolleyes: I'm surprised it has no RGB lighting, would not that attract gamers like flies?? /s

Ah, I better stop there. 🤣


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So sad. Move. Getting up and going to the bathroom can actually slow down the tick of years off your life. PSA. Lack of movement can be deadly.


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LOL someone in the game forums mention this and claiming they will buy one for Biden.I thought it was myth.