WTF?! Gaming chairs have become a fairly common sight these days. If you want something original, check out this gaming bed, in which you could live out your fantasies of never moving as you either play games, eat, or sleep.

As reported by Kotaku, the bed comes from Japan’s Bauhutte, which specializing in gaming-focused furniture. Rather than being a single product, it’s actually a regular bed with several of the company’s items placed around the outside, including its bed side-board and side table.

It appears that most needs are taken care of: a side table to hold plenty of chips and drinks, an arm for attaching a tablet, monitor and keyboard stands, and what appears to be a side unit for holding a frankly dangerous number of energy drinks. The lack of a mobile toilet is somewhat disappointing, though.

The whole setup does look pretty enticing, but I would add a “couch gaming” keyboard such as the Razer Turret or Corsair Lapdog. There’s no word on whether dressing like a ninja is mandatory, but maybe the model is concerned about the coronavirus.

Elsewhere in the world of slightly ridiculous gaming products, there’s Acer’s Predator Thronos, a five-foot-tall, 485-pound motorized chair that reclines, vibrates, and fits three 27-inch monitors. It costs $20,000 (without the monitors), though there is a cheaper 'Air' version that’s just $14,000. And if you want something comfortable to wear in your gaming chairs/bed, try Puma’s $105 gaming socks, which come with three different “modes.”