This mod adds 'Watch Dogs' hacking capabilities to 'Grand Theft Auto V'

Shawn Knight

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Grand Theft Auto V has been around long enough that we're starting to see some really impressive mods. The latest from a user by the name of "JulioNIB" may be the most impressive yet as it brings gameplay elements from Watch Dogs into Rockstar's popular sandbox.

I haven't tried the mod yet but what stood out the most to me based on the video above is how seamless and natural everything looks. The "hacking" of traffic lights, vehicles and even stationary objects such as fire hydrants doesn't feel out of place or show obvious signs of modding.

If you're interested in adding a whole new dimension to a game that's already loaded to the brim with content and attention to detail, you can download the Watch Dogs script over on GTA X Scripting.

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Neat mod, something worth checking out tonight, tt really does seem to work quite well too. Taking down the choppers is easily the coolest ability, it'll make messing with the Cops in the game that much more fun.

Uncle Al

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Cool stuff .... now if I were only bright enough to figure out how to get it into my system and make it work. I wonder if he thought about including a "make it work, for dummies" sheet in the file?!?!?