TikTok warns users not to post skull-breaker challenge content


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The prank, which has mainly been carried out by teens, involves two people tricking someone into standing side-by-side with them before jumping into the air, at which point the victim has their legs kicked away and they crash to the floor, hence the skull-breaker name.

The challenge has already resulted in two 13-year-olds putting a classmate in a hospital with a head injury and concussion that caused a seizure. The two seventh-graders have been charged with aggravated assault and third-degree endangering an injured victim. A girl in the UK was also hospitalized after the stunt left her with severe spinal injuries.

In an updated post, TikTok wrote: “The safety of users is our top priority at TikTok, and we do not allow content that encourages or replicates dangerous challenges that might lead to injury. In fact, it's a violation of our Community Guidelines and we will continue to remove this type of content from our platform. More importantly, we encourage everyone to exercise caution in their behavior whether online or off. Nobody wants their friends or family to get hurt filming a video or trying a stunt. It's not funny – and since we remove that sort of content, it certainly won't make you TikTok famous.” The company is also encouraging users to report videos showing the skull-breaker challenge.

Dangerous and stupid viral challenges are nothing new of course. You might remember the Tide Pod challenge that saw YouTubers biting into or swallowing the detergent-filled pods, which are potentially toxic. There was also the Kiki challenge that involved dancing to Drake’s “In my feelings” next to a slowly moving car, resulting in several injuries.

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The problem just kind of solves it self really... that or we need to institute selective breeding programs.
This one is clearly different, as the person getting injured or potentially killed is an unsuspecting victim of what is basically a two man assault.

Most people are retarded and that is all the is to it. Sadly there is nothing we can do about it. I really do miss the days when tech news had nothing to do with what all the group thinkers where doing. When we actually learned about hardware.