Tim Cook: next iOS update will let users disable iPhone battery performance throttling

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Jan 18, 2018
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  1. With its admission that it throttles performance on older iPhones, Apple is facing one of its biggest controversies in years. The feature may be for the benefit of the owner, but Apple’s failure to disclose what it’s been doing has been met with anger. Now, Tim Cook says a future update will allow the performance throttling to be switched off, if a user wishes.

    Back in December, Geekbench results showed a link between iPhone performance and battery age. Apple admitted to making its older handsets run slower to prevent random reboots caused by worn-out batteries unable to provide enough power for demanding functions. This “power management” plan was surreptitiously implemented through an iOS update, and people weren’t happy about the way Apple went about it. The situation has even led to several lawsuits against the company.

    Last month, Apple apologized for the way it has handled the situation. To try and appease customers, it reduced the price it charges for replacement batteries in the iPhone 6 and newer devices from $79 to $29. It also promised a new update that would indicate if a degraded battery is causing throttling to occur.

    In an interview with ABC News, Tim Cook revealed that with the iOS update, owners would not only be able to check the status of the battery and how much their device is being throttled, but they’ll also be able to turn off the power management feature. Apple still doesn't recommend people disable it as this could lead to unexpected shutdowns, but users will likely appreciate having the option.

    The update will arrive in developer preview first sometime next month, before being made available to everyone sometime in March.

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  2. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 3,453   +2,083

    While it's a good move, it will definately be to late for those basing their suits on "deceptive business practice" ..... and seeking damages .....
  3. senketsu

    senketsu TS Guru Posts: 394   +255

    Will it stop the lawsuits? I hope not, rotten Apple
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  4. Verne Arase

    Verne Arase TS Rookie

    Yeah ... damn them for trying to keep your handset usable :).
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  5. senketsu

    senketsu TS Guru Posts: 394   +255

    actually it is their excess profit margin, avoidance of taxes and the like.
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  6. Reetin

    Reetin TS Rookie

    Come on, man. You and I both know that this has nothing to do with making that handset usable. It is about throttling performance so you purchase a new iPhone.
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  7. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 3,019   +1,330

    if apple is so obsessed with getting me to buy a new phone, why are they software supporting phones from 2013, why are they offering super cheap battery replacements (sure it could be free, but its plenty generous at the current price), and why are they trying to right this wrong by adding options? (something apple rarely does).

    When batteries go bad in most android devices, they just stop turning on or bootloop or the batteries themselves swell dangerously.

    Are there any android phones from close to 2013 that are getting updates? idk.

    My mobile device isn't my PC, I dont care about specs or numbers on paper. The iphone 6s I bought around black friday this year (which is now coming up on 2.5 years old) is better than any android phone, low or high end, ive dealt with in terms of reliability and security, which in my opinion, is what matters most on a mobile device.

    (No, im not an apple fanboy. I still hate apple for this whole headphone jack thing and their insanely priced new phones. I think I just hate google more.)
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  8. Reetin

    Reetin TS Rookie

    Because they got caught. They allowed for battery replacements before but magically after it turns out they are throttling phones they mark it down to $29?

    Also, I use a Pixel, it is grand. I don't have a Pixel 2 because the headphone jack going away. The original Pixel is great, though.
  9. lostinlodos

    lostinlodos TS Booster Posts: 117   +20

    An earlier user appears to be one of those who are going to side against Apple no matter what they do.
    Kudos to Apple for allowing *****s to be *****ic. Great, you want a super fast phone for 30 minutes or less; have at it.
    Personally I’d rather have a usable phone for 6-8 hours than a super fast phone that lasted 30 minutes but it’s right to let stupid people to be stupid.

    I look at lawsuits like this and always wonder, can I form a class to sue the the “class” that claims to represent me? I’m happy to see Apple helped extend the life of older phones. Any one who is suing based on the throttling and claiming to represent the public is NOT representing me. And I’m sick and tired of these stupid progressive lawsuits that claim to be in the public interest. I want money from this “class” of crybabies for raising my blood pressure.

    Ps: why is id ... iot censored?
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2018
  10. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 3,019   +1,330

    I think they were throttling phones so they keep working instead of going into bootloops, refusing to turn on, lasting 5 minutes on a charge, or having the battery start swelling - ive seen countless android devices do the latter options.

    Ive dealt alot with a Pixel 1. It takes outstanding photos but for me, the google software and "features" are just as bad as annoying bloatware. Its constantly giving notifications for things the user doesn't care about that are a pain in the butt to turn off, and invasive with location services uses.
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  11. p51d007

    p51d007 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,333   +660

    Just shows you how the average customer (not just CRapple) can be talked into buying something new.
    An "update" starts to slow the phone down. Take it to the store and they will tell you that the old phone just can't handle the new update, so, to benefit from the "exciting features" (LOL) of the new update, you'll need to buy a new phone. Cars, TV's, smartphones, the list is endless of mindless consumers plunking down money for useless crap. Oh well, it's YOUR money...not mine.
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  12. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,316   +2,819

    Tim Cook, "listen up, we're going to you one big a** favor, we're not going to slow down your phones on purpose anymore".

    Wow, it's like locking the barn after the iSheep have escaped.

    Oh, who am I kidding, they'll never run away...:oops:
  13. Reetin

    Reetin TS Rookie

    I will not side against Apple all the time. I just think that it is obvious this was a way for them to get people to buy a new phone. If they were so worried about battery life, they would easily allow you to replace your battery if it was failing instead of making the case impossible to open. Now, don't get me wrong, a lot of Android phones are doing that as well, which is stupid.

    Sure, they are now allowing you to purchase a new battery for $29 for the whole year of 2018 but, you still have to go to an Apple store to have it done. You can't just order a battery online and have it easily replaced in your machine.
  14. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,334   +1,049

    That's funny; the iphone 5s has that feature -- guest some bozo thought the user couldn't be trusted. Sigh.
  15. Reetin

    Reetin TS Rookie

    Any corporation is not there to benefit us. They are in the business of making money. If that means killing your phone faster so they can sell a new phone, they'll do it.
  16. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,316   +2,819

    Well, the iFone Fanatics bring some of this on themselves.

    To wit, "I simply must have a phone which is more swavey, slim, and dee-boin-er than last years over stuffed briefcase.. Why I took my iPhone 5 to the gym, and my trainer asked me if I wanted to buy it a membership. I was completely humiliated"..
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