Tim Cook reveals new details regarding Apple Watch ahead of tell-all media event

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Ahead of an expected tell-all media event for its debut wearable on March 9, Apple CEO Tim Cook has shed a bit more light on the company’s first new product category since the iPad in 2010.

While the Apple Watch won’t include all of the health features that Apple had initially envisioned, it will have a unique system that’ll reward users with credits to help promote exercise. It is features like this that Apple hopes will give users incentive to wear the device as much as possible, even in the shower.

The publication also revealed that the watch will be designed to replace your car keys and remote key fob, a development that could only help to reinforce Apple’s recent automotive ambitions.

apple watch tim cook apple iphone watch smartwatch wristwatch angela ahrendts wearable car keys

Cook touched on another important topic during his interview with The Telegraph – battery life. The executive said Apple Watch will deliver a full day of battery life and won’t take as long to recharge as the iPhone.

As the first device sold by Apple that can be tried on, the company is aware of the fact that they may have to tweak their stores to accommodate the experience. That task will likely fall on the shoulders of former Burberry boss Angela Ahrendts.

Just as there were MP3 players before the arrival of the iPod and smartphones before the iPhone, Cook believes the Apple Watch will help jumpstart the smartwatch product category. As I’ve said before, it’ll perhaps be Apple’s toughest task yet as the smartwatches of today don’t exactly fill a need or have a real purpose. Whether or not Cook and company can change that sigma remains to be seen.

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TS Rookie
Isn't their smartwatch going to do the same thing as the competitors? How can he say that the others don't fulfil a need or purpose.


TS Evangelist
One entire day of battery life! thats fantastic. truly innovative. I have never seen any device that matched or surpassed that before.
With phones, you can also only get 1 hour use too if used in a certain way. Projections mean nothing without the details.

Jack Meoffski

TS Booster
Apple to me is the Justin Beaver of Music. His music is crap but he sells a lot of music to his douchey fans...
Man look at all the bootlickers with Tim Cook.


Lol ya I suppose it's a little more difficult to get people not to realize they are being hypnotized when you're trying to do so in nearly the exact same way as the grand master hypnotist himself!