Too much memory?

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Feb 20, 2005
  1. can you have too much ram? i read an answer in a forum where a guy said any more than 1 gb would just slow you down. the general subject was gaming and using a top of the line video card. any basis to this. i always thought the more you had the better. also how does hdd size relate to gaming
  2. andygibbs

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    <Edited> sorry i was reading another post - got confused and posted the wrong information
  3. isatippy

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    He didn't say 1ghz he said 1gb. :hotbounce
  4. StormBringer

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    umm, that info is outdated. Back in the days of 9x, it was true that large amounts of RAM would bog the system because of the poor memory management of 9x. With the NT kernel used by 2k/XP, it is much different.

    There is of course the argument of more ram vs faster ram, which often gets misinterpreted as meaning that more is bad. Truth is, if you have to decide on more or faster, the answer would depend on how much more, or how much faster. If all you are doing is replacing the current RAM with faster RAM then it will show an increase in performance, adding even more of the faster RAM would also show performance boost beyond that(provided the mobo supports the faster speeds)

    If however, you have say, 256MB of 333MHz RAM and you can either double it, or you can replace it with 256MB of 400MHz RAM then you'd be better off with the extra RAM.

    HDD size is another matter, size isn't so much a factor in gaming unless you have enough games to fill a large portion of it. The speed of the drive can be a factor though.
  5. catherine

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    how to boost a 256 ram??

    well i am having a 256MB DD ram of 266Mhz.. i am playing world of warcraft

    my problem is this the game at time is lagging due to the ram esp when i enter a new terrian.

    my question is this..1. how could i boost my efficency of ram( like some softwares )
    2. can i create a virtual ram on my HDD(i have 40 Gb hdd) such that my Ram would act as if it is of higher capaciy an would help me in better gaming..

    3. do i need to upgrade my Ram by buying a new one.. or will the solutions for above questions would solve the problem.. if i need to buy what Ram should i buy..

    expecting lot of opinions.. thx
  6. RealBlackStuff

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    Your best bet is buying another stick of 256MB of exactly the same type of RAM as you have already. (provided you have any memoryslot(s) free.)
  7. Phantasm66

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    -Can you have too much RAM?

  8. brown boy

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    is world of warcraft any good, or havent u had the change to play it properly cause of u r RAM problemo's?
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