By MrReSearchman
Feb 24, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I searched for TOSHIBA 440CDT and came across a post at this site.

    A neighbor's son came over with this laptop and wanted to know if I could get the USB port working.

    I checked in Device Manager and there is NO listing of USB, so I did a Find New Hardware and it found nothing.

    I checked Toshiba's website for info and\or drivers, but nothing was mentioned about USB support\driver...

    I did download and install EVERY update available for the laptop, but still no USB is listed and the USB port doesn't recognize anything I plug into it. Such as a Mouse, USB Flash Drive, external USB hard or CD drive.. Nothing....

    I also did a "Add New Hardware Manually" and selected "Infrared" then selected "built-in laptop device" then I selected "Toshiba" and Windows loaded the software.

    NOTE: In this laptop the Infrared & USB port is on one module that plugs INTO the motherboard.

    Anyway, I rebooted and got a popup message "PCI Universal Serial Port found, click next to install driver" Which I did but it did NOT find a driver. I tried EVERY Folder and EVERY SubDirectory but still "No driver found"

    Soooooooo, Now the Infrared shows as working but STILL NO USB PORT!

    BTW, Anyone have ANY of the original disks that came with the laptop?

    Thanks in advance!
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