Toshiba announces microwave-assisted 18 TB HDDs for desktop and NAS


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There is still a lot of work needed to make cloud subscriptions better -so less need to buy consumer hard drives . Music is getting pretty good . Not sure anyone buys Encyclopedia Britannica offline anymore .
Academic Papers can be expensive - thought can email authors for free copy .
People still have huge TV/Movie servers - as they can control quality. full remuxes , bonus features, commentaries and availability - F&F #3 probably always on subscription . 1960 classic French movie - who knows .
Also a lot of stuff is region dependant - remember having to buy the right DVD player etc to play DVDs you buy from the US or UK . No wonder we do no trust the rights providers
NO Cloud


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WOW ..... and to think I was so impressed when Apple released the first hard drive at all of 5 mb ....... whew, that was a long time ago ....
5 MB, I had one of those in the day, but another brand. I used it with my Atari 800 computer & later my ST.
BUT, the motor struggled to spin it up so it sat on my desk opened up so I could give the platter a nudge. Worked perfectly all the way up to when I replaced it with a 10 MB, then a 200 MB drive.