Toshiba overheating

By Mamut0o1
Nov 9, 2011
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  1. Good Morning all,
    I have aToshiba laptop that has been overheating. It would take forever to boot and then it will shutdown. I noticed the fan is working fine so I opened the laptop and cleaned it, it had a lot of dirt inside. Now the laptop does not shut down but stays in around 48C to 55C. Is that temperature too high?
    since I remove the heatsink do I have to apply more thermal paste?

    please let me know if adding thermal past should improve cooling,.
    Thank you!
  2. deividask

    deividask TS Rookie

    Hi there, that temperature is fine for a laptop. Everytime you remove the heatsink it is necessary to apply thermal paste. Only because of the paste the heat is transfered from the CPU to the heatsink. Good luck.

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