Toshiba portégé 7010ct with xp

By Ulisse · 4 replies
Oct 25, 2004
  1. I have installed the windows xp professional on my notebook Toshiba portégé 7010ct. He despite the small ram (64mb) goes very well but he doesn't load more the battery, doesn't see the bios and goes me each twenty minutes in suspension, also during the job, although i have disconnected it. Besides the video (neomagic driver) doesn't work more in 3d. How could i obviate to these drawbacks? Is there of the driver done adjiourn for marry this portable to the xp?
    I thank in advance
  2. Rick

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    XP runs surprisingly well on that computer, but not with 64mb. I've installed it on the 7010CT before. After a memory upgrade, it did run very well with XP. The maximum memory capacity of the 7010CT is 192MB, which I would recommend buying the memory upgrade.

    This laptop was made before XP came out. So Neomagic doesn't make XP video drivers, which means there may be no or limited 3D support. Infact, the video card is so bad on the 7010, that I'm not sure you could run any 3D games anyway using Windows 98. :( That is, unless it is a very, very, very basic game.

    The batteries for the 7010 are not very good. Even a brand new battery might only last 1.5 hours maximum. Most of the used 7010CT laptops I've seen only last about 30 to 45 minutes.

    I would assume your battery is probably bad and needs to be replaced. is a good place to find batteries.
  3. Ulisse

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    toshiba with xp

    Thanks Mr Rich
    My battery endure 10 minutes, i could test just before.
    But the os try to install the battery! He says: no driver for battery! So if he gets the proper driver may work better. I will try by internet to get it. How do You thing? Oder: do you know were?
  4. portable

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    portege 7010

    Hi there i have my portege 7010ct right next to me and it runs winXP PRO just fine with only 96 MB RAM. battery works fenomenal 2,5 hours!!!!!!!!! it's an extended battery...but my problem is that docking station doesnt work very well :( cd-rom doesnt work and neigther does the diskdrive :(:( . but i think its quite absurd that the batteries are bad or anything. you must buy an extended one and it will run just fine:)
  5. Ulisse

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    toshiba portege 7010ct battery driver for w.xp

    Thanks for your tips. Ican't help for your laptop. Sorry! But i am sure that my one need updated driver for battery. These one look to be still ok. Sometime i have it to plug out and then again in and start to charge again or the machine can start. The model is NO PA2505U R. if you or somebody have the driver for this battery under windows xp professional i thank thousend time for to send me the driver to e. mail address
    Have a nice time and God bless America
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