Toshiba Satellite L455D S5976 RAM

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Jul 12, 2012
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  1. im looking to increase the ram on my laptop but when I looked to see the sticks I see only one....and I ws told by various places (bestbuy, fryes and toshiba themselves that I have 2)

    im looking in the bay above the battery with the little chip symbol near this correct?
  2. Ranger12

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  3. ghost_xero

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    yes it looks like that and I am unsure...all I remember was that I was told that I have either 1 2gb card or 2 1gb cards they werent sure...but they said the max was 8 and that woud be 2 4gb just at a loss as too how many I can have in the laptop...1 card or 2...
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    You can install up to 8gigs . Just go to the toshiba website. It will scan your computer system and tell you what you need. So will www.crucial. com . My neighbor has the same laptop and just upgrade his to 8 gigs (two 4 gig memory modules) Hope this helps you out.
  5. ghost_xero

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    thanks a bunch guys funny u mentioned that site...I youtubed a vid and a guy mentioned that crucial site I went there and did the scan, turns out my laptop doues have the 2 slots I didnt know they were slant stacked on top of each other the thing is mine only has one stick which is 2 I can save some money and just buy another 2 gb stick of ram.....I also learned while yes I can do the 8 gbs I would also have to swap OS to 64 bit version to actually use all 8 learning tons...this is awesome...

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