Toshiba Satellite L650-01R, or Macbook Pro?

By cantara
Jun 23, 2011
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  1. the university program i'm in want me to purchase a Macbook Pro for graphic design. Issue though, is i just bought a new laptop less then 1 year ago- that being the Toshiba satelite.

    my toshiba has the whole photoshop line CS5, plus Rhino (rendering/modeling) and it handles the use of both at the same time with no issues. infact, I cant say enough good things about it. i do know that the graphics card mine has is better then the macs.

    Macs for me though are always over priced, and i hate the 1 button on the mouse. these are the macs i "have" to choose from, please compare the three to the toshiba, and explain why ___ is better then ___.
    1. MacBook Pro (15” – 17”) 4 gigabytes of RAM - $1749.00, $2049.00 or $2299.00

    2. MacBook Pro (13”) 4 gigabytes of RAM - $1149.00 or $1449.00

    3. MacBook (13”) with RAM upgrade to 4GB - $1080.00

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