Build a PC Toshiba Touchpad won't turn off!

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My uncle has a toshiba laptop. He hates the touchpad, but can't figure out how to disable it. He uninstalled the software, but it still works. Does anyone know how to turn off a toshiba touchpad? Please Help! Thanks.


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maby control panel mouse or maby control panel hardware or right click mycomputer properties hardware device manager and look around there


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in some laptops, when a mouse is connected, you only have control panel accesss to the mouse properties. Unplug the mouse, reboot the computer, goto mouse control panel, pointing devices, select touchpad, click "disable this device" or something like that. plug the mouse back in (if the mouse is not USB, you may have to reboot to get the mouse to work after that)


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but mouse reactivates automatically...


i have the same "crazy mouse jumping all over that drives me crazy" problem.
i understand how to disable the trackpoint, and i ve done it, but when i restart the computer (toshiba too), it detects "a new device" (that trackpoint mouse) and...reinstalls it automatically..!!
any way how to disable automatic reinstallation? it s under windows XP.

thanks a lot!


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Touchpad turn-off

Right-click on Synaptics Pointing Device icon in lower right of screen.

-pointing device properties
-device settings tab
-disable synaptics touchpad

you're done!
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