Toshiba update

By sbwertz
Jul 24, 2008
  1. Apparently there is no easy way to get past the bios password on a toshiba A65. The system has a known problem where it suddenly asks for a bios password. A bios update is necessary to fix it, but of course you can't get to the bios to update it.

    Since the system has a broken usb port, and I have insurance, I took out the hard drive and backed up all my data and reformatted the HD and I'm sending it to Safeware for repair. I imagine they will have to replace the motherboard to fix the broken usb ports, so the problem should go away. If not, they probably know how to get around the bios password. First thing I will do when I get it back is update the BIOS!

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    I would have responded on the same thread, but it was moved

    When I looked for my original post I couldn't find it because it was apparently moved to a similar thread. Thanks for redirecting me to it.

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    Oh, very good :grinthumb
    It's funny how more information can change your original concepts of something.

    Yes I saw the other post too. Glad it's there as well, I prefer others to see the results from the password issues.

    This thread here, does not require any further response then.
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