Toyota's T-HR3 humanoid robot is now equipped with 5G

Cal Jeffrey

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Toyota’s robotic humanoid avatar designated T-HR3 has just received a significant upgrade. The robot is controlled remotely in virtual reality by a user in a specialized base unit consisting of a VR headset and strap-in arm and leg controllers.

Previously the bot had to be wired to the control unit limiting its range. However, Toyota has partnered with Japanese-based mobile provider NTT DoCoMo to equip the avatar with 5G wireless capability. The T-HR3 can now be controlled from up to 10km away.

Toyota plans to publicly demonstrate the robot on December 6 at a DoCoMo Open House event at the Tokyo International Exposition Center (aka Tokyo Big Sight). Don't worry if you can't make it to the showing. Toyota released a sneak-peek video (above) showing some of the T-HR3’s capabilities.

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Uncle Al

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So, once they find a way to make it fully autonomous it will have considerable potential in the open market, but I suspect the price point will be WAY outside of what a private owner will be able to afford for a long time. Still, as a possible alternative to autonomous vehicles it could offer a much wider range of functionality ... including doing so many manual labor jobs that keep many employed ......