Transfering Windows 7 from HDD to SSD

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Dec 10, 2009
  1. I've dont moderate researching (googling) on how to do this. This seems very difficult so far. I am trying to copy over my Windows 7 operating system on a 320GB HDD to a 128 SSD.

    First of all, Is this a good idea?

    I like the idea of my laptop being slightly faster, lighter, and cooler. Even if the first two arent really too noticable. Shockproof is also a good feature that I like with these SSDs.

    But my main question was: How to transfer the operating system without reinstalling and starting from scratch.
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  3. Trillionsin

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    The only unfortunate thing about that is I bought an Acer laptop and it came with no recovery cds. I am afraid to say my laptop is my only legal Windows PC. I would like to keep it that way. Let me know if I am wrong in thinking this way.
  4. kimsland

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    You cannot transfer your OEM Windows from your Acer laptop to another computer :(
  5. Trillionsin

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    Technically speaking, I am not transferring it to a different computer. I want it on the same laptop, but with a SSD drive instead of a HDD.
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    You can purchase a Recovery Disc and install directly to the SSD drive
    Recovery discs are much cheaper than buying Windows, as you already have Windows ;)

    Contact Acer to purchase a Recovery Disc
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    You could image (Ghost, True Image etc) from one disk to the other. Also on a lot of laptops you can create restore disks from within windows. I am not sure if you can on a Acer, but i'd have a look through the start menu for something like create recovery media, create sartup disks etc.
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    So is that how you got "TS Special Forces" by recommending people to refer back to their manufacturer ;)

    PS. I dont even know what that little title is suppose to mean, but I am assuming it means you help out a lot on techspot, which I do appreciate your efforts.
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    Thanks, I got another suggestion for some imaging software which i will try. I am actually already making some recovery cds, not for this specifically... but in case any does go wrong.

    I tried Active Boot Disk, which has some imaging functions, but Windows would not boot when i used this to put onto the SSD. I got a BSOD. My hunch has something to do with drivers... but I also had to resize the partition, maybe that was why?
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    You are right. I use a lot of linking here (in my posts)
    Just have a look at this post I made:
    There must be 30 or more links :D

    I have found that all the answers are out there already, I just happen to know how to get them real quickly ;)
    Oh and I use a little of my own experience and knowledge too, you can read all my posts here:

    "TS Special Forces" is awarded to Moderators only, and those that our Admin agrees with

    I've been making bootable images for years, on thousands of computers
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    I am not speaking from experience here, but I would point out that restoring an image made on an older type of HDD and restored to another type (e,.g. to SATA), is unlikely to work for two reasons. First the driver problem as you suspect can indeed be a show-stopper, and secondly OEM installs are frequently tied to a particullar HDD (or at least model), as required by MS.

    A fresh install is likely to be the only thing that will work, for which you will need Acer install media, as you have been told. You will have to pay for that, and in any event, I would definitely confirm first with ACER that their OEM install WILL work on an SDD drive. I.e., are there specific Acer chipset drivers for it?
  12. Trillionsin

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    So I dont want to be one of those people who solve a problem and then never post back, so sorry this is soooo delayed.

    I did just create backup cds with Acer's software and put the SSD in and did a restore with the cds.

    This isnt quite what I wanted, but I guess I am use to reinstalling my OS once about every other month. lolz
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