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Apr 23, 2003
  1. I'm in Korea at the moment and have a PC with Korean winME on it. I installed an English version of xp on the PC but since the two versions are in different languages, I couldn't upgrade so I have both os's on the pc(one's on C, one on D I believe this is a dual boot setup) anyway, I can access many of the old files through xp, but often it won't let me open or run them from xp. Id like to transfer the programs to xp and delete the ME version. I can reinstal the programs, but then won't I have two versions of each on the hard drive? This is probably a real simple thing to fix, but I'm not sure how to go aboput doing it. Thanks for any assisstance
  2. Phantasm66

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    you should not try to run installed programs from one operating system on another operating system on the same PC.

    You should install the applications that you want to use on XP again, whilst in XP.

    When programs are installed, they do not merely unpack a bunch of files and then run - they write to the registry and also to Windows folder. For your programs to run properly, you should reinstall them in XP.
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    Would the wisest thing to do be to copy over important documents and such, erase winME, and then reinstall the applications in xp? I'w worried about having 2 copies of the same programs sharing space, or is this even an issue? Also, is there anything I can do about programs installed on winMe that I don't have disks for? Thanks again
  4. Nodsu

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    If you don't want 2 copies of each program, install them to the same location in both XP and Me, 90% programs work OK like this.
  5. Phantasm66

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    Yes, that would be the wisest thing.

    Nodsu -

    but that can cause all kinds of problems later on. Most especially, problems uninstalling software where you have removed the software in one OS, and then can't in the other because the files are already gone!
  6. Rick

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    90% is quite a stretch.. Unless most of what you do is gaming.

    Many, many applications such as Office, burning programs etc.. Need to be reinstalled. Games usually do not.

    Either way, it can cause major problems - Especially when involving two different operating systems.

    Things such as file associations, path names, system files / information, cd-keys, registrations and god knows what else gets thrown out of whack and can cause some potentially serious problems with Windows.. Especially with software is tightly integratged within the system (which usually means it won't run to start with. :))

    What makes this even worse is they are in different languages and different OSes... Very bad. "but often it won't let me open or run them from xp" pretty much sums up how poorly running it like this works.

    You can reinstall your applications in XP and still retain some of the settings - Things like saved games, contact lists, address books.. e-mails, bookmarks, certain settings etc.. can usually be backed up and copied over into freshly installed software. If there is something you absolutely have to have, then this might be worth the work.
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