Trojan Infestation

By EnviroChris2
Apr 14, 2009
  1. Hi
    I hope that someone can help allay my fears that my computer is infested with some nasty malware/Trojans, I have just completed a complete reinstall of Windows XP with SP 3 and found that AVG had found 4 Trojan that it successfully removed. However there are things that are happening that make me wonder that the Trojans may have dropped their payload into my system.
    The computer now takes 10 minutes to become usable after boot (8 minutes before Zone Alarm loads) during this time my cable modem lights indicate a lot of data being accessed.
    When I try to access my hotmail account I am getting blocked after entering the correct password.
    I have gone through the proscribed 8 stages with nothing obvious showing up(except 1item of malware) copy of logs attached including Trojan list.
    I would be grateful if anyone has any ideas on this.
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  3. EnviroChris2

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    Problem solved

    Hi Kimsland

    thanks for your advice, though removing start items did not speed up the overall start up, the intallation of Avira certainly made a difference finding 6 more items Malwarebytes did not find anything. I have just done a defrag and start up is now down to just under 4 minutes with no flashing of the cable modem lights also I can now log into my hotmail account.

    So thanks again for your help
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