Trojan (maybe iamfamous.dll)

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Mar 11, 2009
  1. I think I have a trojan and/or some other problems. Firefox doesn't work but ie does and i am having some lag problems and way too many programs are running on my comp. This all cam about when i uninstalled regrun (which i had used to get rid of iamfamous.dll) but i came up with more problems when that was uninstalled. Internet is slower now and some programs cannot access the internet. Here is a log from hijack this. I hope all this information helps I know it is not much but if anymore info is needed I will promptly give it.
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    Please find this tutorial in this forum follow 8 steps instructions.
    submit referenced logs.

    UPDATED 8-step Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions
  3. trkkid

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    After 8 Step Process

    Ok so I went through the 8 step process but I ran into some difficulties. I have an antivirus program but it cannot connect to the internet (along with many other programs such as the programs techspot said to use during the 8 steps). So this makes it impossible for me to update all the programs and run an addequate scan for all of them. Aside from that I did everything that was mentioned and found some tracking cookies, Rogue.Component/Trace, and Trojan.DNSChanger. Attached below are the 3 logs required. I hope this is at least a start to getting firefox, norton, and all the other programs that don't connect to the internet. As of right now I can only connect via internet explorer.
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    Re run MBAM again and make sure you delete everything that it finds.

    After thats done re run HJT.
  5. trkkid

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    Nothing was working as it should so I decided to do a system recovery from a partition on my hard drive. I didn't have the recovery disc otherwise I would have formatted and done that but one is on the way from HP as we speak so I may do that in the future if it is required. I appreciate all the help I have received and will be sure to come to techspot frequently as I can tell the community is active and on point. Thanks again!
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