"Try again" with Firefox

By Tramacchi
Jan 25, 2012
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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm having an issue with my internet not sure if its just fire-fox or not, but it also happens with my brother using fire-fox on his laptop (we haven't tried chrome as we don't like it).

    What is happening is say it will load my homepage (ebay.com.au) when i hit Fire-fox to open. It will do that and load it 90% of the time. But after that's loaded and you want to go to say you tube or Facebook. It will come up with the server thing and say "try again", I'm having to hit that button any where between 1-12 times just to get it to eventually load the page. Then sometimes it will not load the images on the page, or will make Facebook weird and everything be on the left hand side.

    Both i and my brother are running windows 7, however i did previously have windows XP hoping that having everything reinstalled would fix it, but too no avail. What I'm after is a fix or a solution, and an explanation as to whether its my actual internet or my modem (im currently with Westnet).


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