TV as a monitor?

By Jonnym
Nov 14, 2008
  1. I have recently discovered that i have a VGA input on the back of my TV so that i can hook my PC up to it. I took my PC downstairs and plugged it all in and then swithed the TV to the PC channel and the screen was just blank. If i pull the cable vga lead out the back of the computer it says no input detected and if i plug the VGA lead into the DVI-VGA adapter on the back of my Graphics card it says Unsuppoted format. So im gusssing this means that the TV detects the input but just doesn't wanna display anything.

    Hope you understand what i mean there.

    I just wanted to know if there is any settings you need to change or anything like that so tha you can use your TV as a monitor i just assumed that you plugged it in and it'd work.

    My Graphics card is a Geforce 6200 by the way.

    Hope you can help because im thinking of buying a TV for my monitor but dont wanna waste £300 if it doesnt work

    Cheers, John
  2. Jonnym

    Jonnym TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 37

    looking at somw other posts is it possible that its not chowing the image on the TV just beacause i have an adapter plugged into the DVI port? The adapter isnt doing anything its just still plugged in from when i had my dual screens running
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