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Aug 21, 2008
  1. Hello

    I am looking for a TV for my room. So i have an old computer monitor laying around, and i was wondering:

    Is there a box i can use to watch TV on my monitor through either cable or an antenna? I hope that if i use an Antenna i can get a converter box.


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    I don't know of one.

    Just get a TV at a garage sale, feed them the mostly untrue line about how you want it even cheaper than they are selling because it won't work after Feb 09 anyway.
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    See here's the problem

    I have an old TV we use, but the converter boxes we bought(2 of em) don't work on it.

    If I went and bought the TV at a garage sale( and there aren't that many here), then It might not work on a converter box.

    The Idea is some type of receiver box with a VGA output to plug into my monitor
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    You would still have the same problem if you are getting tv through an antenna. That will go digital in Feb, meaning you'll need the converter box. So if you are using them now for your TVs you will be no better off trying to use a monitor.

    There may be a device like you are describing, but I've never heard of one. People just don't use monitors for TVs because they just get TVs instead or are already running a computer and just run the TV through the computer with a TV Tuner Card.
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    Wouldn't it be easier just to buy a tuner for the computer, or did I miss something?

    Besides, Coupon Eligible Converter boxes have both line and antenna outputs. So it really needs to be explained to me how it could not work.

    A cheapie 75 to 300 ohm matching transformer would take care of a 300 ohm TV (the flat wire type of antenna) to the 75 ohm coax from the box. Plan "B" would be an RF modulator to use the converter box's line outputs to an antenna input only TV.
    Cheaper still would be to hook up any VHS machine you might have lying around to the TV, and use it as an RF modulator. Again, the converter box would hook to the line inputs of the recorder, then use the VCR's antenna outputs to the TV.
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