TV Tuners

By giyad
Oct 1, 2008
  1. Hi, can someone explain to me why you would need 2 TV tuners? I know its something about watching a show while recording another at the same time, but some tuners say they have that capability...

    I'm in the process of setting up my home theater system. I have a desktop PC which I am going to install 2x 1TB WD Caviars and turn it into a desktop/media server. I'm going to use Windows Vista Premium to take advantage of Media Center, but I see that I am going to need to buy a TV Tuner in order to record. So I was wondering if anyone had advice on a cheap TV Tuner that does digital cable as well?

    One more question, I was wondering if it was possible to replace my cable box completely? I have the Explorer 8300HDC from my cable provider, but I'm renting it. I was going to build a low-end HTPC to put under the TV with a BluRay drive. This way I can consolidate everything into one box. Would this be possible or do I need the cable box?

    Thanks in advance!
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