Twitter could soon introduce Facebook-style emoji reactions


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In context: Twitter has long been known as a social network and was once seen as Facebook's big rival, yet the service considers itself more of a news-focused site. But a potential upcoming feature is a tried and tested staple of social media: emoji reactions.

In 2016, Twitter changed its App Store category from Social Network to News, helping it move out of the shadow of Mark Zuckerberg's company and its billion+ userbase. Twitter has, however, introduced social media-style designs, such as its switch from stars to hearts (its 'Likes') and increasing the tweet character length.

Last year, research engineer Jane Manchun Wong discovered that Twitter appeared to be moving even closer to Facebook by testing emoji reactions. The company said it wasn't currently working on such a feature, but it hasn't been killed off.

The last month has seen Twitter send out surveys to users, asking them to choose between several emoji reaction sets. These consist of Like, Funny, Interesting, Sad, Awesome, Agree, and Disagree.

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Only the last three reactions differ in each of the three sets. The Awesome reaction could end up being an open-mouthed shocked face or a fire emoji, while Agree and Disagree could be Yes/No buttons, thumbs up/thumbs down, or Reddit-style upvote/downvote icons.

There's also another set of reactions that swap Agree and Disagree for Support and Angry.

Survey participants were asked about their feelings toward a Disagree button, such as whether they'd use it instead of replying to a tweet or to downvote offensive and irrelevant tweets.

Twitter also wants to know how someone would feel if one of their tweets received a negative reaction. Possible answers include tweeting less, appreciate the feedback and using it constructively, or feeling judged and uncomfortable.

"We're exploring additional ways for people to express themselves in conversations happening on Twitter," a company spokesperson told Techcrunch.

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That's good but we still need a little feature called "Ban all the Nazis" to be rolled out first. Seriously the bird site thrives on conflict and actively encourages in the worst possible ways. It might *look* different than Facebook but deep down, it encourages the same kinds of dynamics and interactions which is basically "Oh you really dislike someone? Have fun arguing with them for days! This is great engagement!"


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Emojis are stupid.

Either you give us LIKE or DON'T LIKE.

Thumb UP or Thumb DOWN.

emojis basically invite a new level of trolling where you hit the "laugh at them" button instead of the "Angry" button to show them that you are ridiculing them rather than allowing them to make you upset.

The angry button is stupid. It is vague.

For example: if cops catch a criminal and I push the angry button: does that mean I'm angry at the cop?, the criminal? the justice system?, angry all day long? It's just vague and stupid.

Same goes for the sad button. If something sad happens, are you pushing :Like, sad or angry?

It's so ridiculous that I can't just "thumb down" a stupid comment and I have to post a full retort or rebuke.