Two different folder's view settings have become linked

By Euphoreus
Sep 16, 2013
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  1. Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit, Service Pack 2

    A strange and frustrating thing is happening with my Windows Vista folders. When I change the settings, (position / size, view, layout, etc…) of one folder, the settings of a different folder changes in the same way. And if I change the other folder’s settings, the first folder’s settings change in the same way. It’s as if the folder’s saved settings are somehow linked — as if Vista is treating them as the same folder. If I change the name of one of the folders, they are no longer linked, but they become linked to different folders instead!

    This is happening to a number of folders, where two different folder’s saved settings are being linked. I’ve even noticed three different folders settings being linked together in this way.

    In Folder Options/View, I have, ‘Remember each folder’s view settings’, checked. That didn’t help. (In fact, it seems to remember the settings even when it’s unchecked. And the folders that are linked together still change each others settings in the same way.)

    In Folder Options/View, I’ve tried the, ‘Reset Folders’, and, ‘Apply to Folders’, buttons. That didn’t help.

    In Folder Options/View, under, ‘Managing pairs of Web pages and folders’, I checked, ‘Show both parts and manage them individually’. That didn’t help.

    I edited the registry to disable, ‘Automatic Folder Type Discovery’. That didn’t help.

    I have never come across a software problem that I couldn’t find a solution to, (or even any mention of), with Google, until now. I hope there is someone who knows how to fix this. It’s really stressing me out.
  2. Euphoreus

    Euphoreus TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I think I found a solution that seems to have worked. I don’t know what caused the problem in the first place, so I don’t know if this solution will be permanent. For anyone else who has this problem, I hope this solution works for you:

    Reset All Folder View Settings to Make Vista Remember

    After doing steps 1 to 8 in OPTION ONE (automatic method), I skipped down to step 29 in OPTION TWO (manual method), (as instructed in step 8 of OPTION ONE) I did steps 29 to 32. I found steps 33 - 35 confusing. I skipped them, but the problem seems to have been fixed anyway, so you may not have to do past step 32.

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