Uber is experimenting with cheaper fares for riders willing to wait

Shawn Knight

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Uber is trialing a new feature that allows riders to save a few bucks on their fare by electing to wait a bit longer for their ride.

Quartz recently spotted a tweet from an Uber employee highlighting the feature in action. In it, the person was offered to request their ride at the current local time (4:56 p.m.) for $10.18 or wait until 5:00 p.m. and pay just $8.15 – a savings of about 25 percent.

The tweet was deleted shortly after Quartz published its story but the authenticity of the experimental feature was later confirmed by an Uber spokesperson who said the option to wait longer for a cheaper fare is being tested among all employees in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Affordability is the top reason riders choose shared rides, the spokesperson said, adding that they’re internally experimenting with a way to save money in exchange for a later pickup.

Assuming the experiment is a success, it’s plausible that Uber will roll the feature out to more users and areas at a later date. No timeline for its eventual arrival, however, was given.

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I'm an Uber driver and I'm experimenting with a new feature...it's called, 'take the ride now and stop wasting my time or I go offline and wait for prices to go up'.
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Slappy McPhee

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Being a driver I can tell you that they could afford to go down on XL rides, but if they continue to reduce what they are paying drivers of the X service they will bleed drivers something terrible and then surge pricing will rise anyway upsetting riders. Getting to be old when Uber charges a rider 90+ for an airport run and pays the drivers less than 30 of it.