Ubisoft is reportedly working on a battle royale title called 'Hyper Scape'


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Rumor mill: If you thought the battle royale genre was already filled to capacity, Ubisoft might be gearing up to prove you wrong. New reports claim that the company plans to tease a free-to-play FPS battle royale title today, named "Hyper Scape."

Since the game hasn't been officially unveiled yet, details about it are a bit scarce. However, we do know a few critical pieces of information. For starters, it's apparently being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, the studio behind well-known IPs like Assassin's Creed, Rainbow Six, and Watch Dogs.

We also have an idea of when Hyper Scape will launch, if recent reports are accurate. The game is expected to get a closed beta soft-launch as soon as next week, with a full release scheduled for July 12.

A few screenshots of the game have also been leaked, courtesy of eSports consultant and insider Rod Breslau. According to Breslau, the game is expected to feature heavy integration with streaming platform Twitch.

For example, viewers can earn in-game progress by watching streams, and they can even directly impact what happens in their favorite streamer's match -- they can activate a low-gravity mode, spawn health items, and more.

While we can't say for certain that Breslau's information is accurate, he has a solid track record with leaks, so it might just be worth taking this rumor seriously.

Either way, given that a proper tease is expected to happen later today (with an embargoed gameplay dump planned for this week), we won't have to wait long to find out what Ubisoft has up its sleeve.

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Variety is good in games, even in the same genre. Not everyone likes Apex Legends style, Fortnite, Pubg or even Warzone, all which are different types of BR. So one from Ubisoft makes sense at this point.

*Added in Pubg, had Valorant by accident.
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Yawn - but BR games are another source of easy money for games companies so I guess we better get used to everyone giving it a go no matter how tedious it gets


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As far as watching people play games on twitch live or recorded video on YouTube, I find dayz has been the most entertaining to watch. Open world environment, base building, player dramatization and so on. If anyone is interested, I would suggest channels like gekofish JLK, and project red tie.


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Yawn - but BR games are another source of easy money for games companies so I guess we better get used to everyone giving it a go no matter how tedious it gets
Indeed, the only "plus" I see potentially to get out of this is an improvement in netcode efficiency in most modern game engines leading to better multiplayer experiences in everything else.


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We need battle royale, or something else better in due time. Every old gamer knows that there is no better MP mode than BR. Capture the flag? Got old. Team death match? Bomb defuse? Even if am not fan of BR, I know these mods are boring. All these mods have the flaw of being too static. With BR they solved the issue, and with each match, there are totally different places to move to or discover. Only games on grand scale seem appealing to MP nowdays. Unless they make a new trend, with a game mode where the player constantly moves around and evolves his chances with thrill and excitement... Imo, the problem with BR games is that they weren't so ambitious to begin with, until COD Warzone at least. I'd like a BR for games like stalker, or division... Assasin creed's. We just need an excuse to travel toward each different place in the game and just play around.
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