Unable to access both partitions on external hard drive

By stevebill
Aug 6, 2013
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  1. Hi. I use a 1tb external hard drive to store music, photos and movies. I use it on my Imac, also on my Asus e-book. I see that the external hard drive is partitioned into two. How or why I don't know. What I do know is that the first part is now full, and I cant see the second part when plugged into the USB on either computer. Could anyone help me by suggesting how I can access the second 500gig? Id appreciate answers in plain English, I really dont understand more than the basics, and the clearer ans simpler the answers the more I will learn, and thanks to all those about to read this !
  2. sentrycube

    sentrycube TS Member Posts: 17

    1. Back-up all your data on the first partition.​
    2. Right click on "My computer" and click "manage".This should take you to the computer management screen.​
    3. Look at the left, you should see an option that says "Disk Management"; Click on it.​
    4. You should be able to see all the disc partitions, find your External HDD partitions.​
    5. Right-Click on the 2nd partition and delete it.​
    6. After that right click on your first partition and select the option to "Extend Partition"​

    If you are confused, or need confirmation for anything please don't hesitate to ask.​
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