Unable to boot to Vista

By PetorianGuy
Apr 30, 2008
  1. I have quite the complex problem for anyone who can help.

    I have purchased an HP Pavillian dv2000se Notebook.
    Running: Vista Home Premium SP1

    Problem: I decided just one operating system wasn't good enough for me, and decided it was time to install XP on a secondary partition.
    HP did not send me a recovery disk (aholes). Anyhow, I deleted their recovery partition, (as they had told me the recovery cds would be on the way).
    I wanted to use that partition to install XP onto, so I could select which OS I wanted to use on startup.
    Unfortunatly, my copy of XP is bad, and I could not complete the install (and will not be able to).

    Now, when I start my PC, it refuses to boot to Vista... I have a feeling its trying to boot to the empty space I was attempting to install XP to.

    Its mission critical that I get this fixed, as Im writing a vb program for a local buisness due to open in just over a week.

    EDIT: Also, my Vista partition is still intact. Any way I can point my computer to boot to it???
    EDIT: Once I informed HP that I had deleted the recovery partition, they tried to make me purchase the recovery disks... forget that.
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