unable to view listing in "Add & Remove Programs"

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Oct 13, 2007
  1. I'm unable to remove programs. Control panel > Add & Remove Programs... I get the "please wait till the list is populated..."

    The listing never appears. I've tried safe mode, appwiz.cpl and SFC.exe /scannow but without any success in resolving the issue.

    When I ran appwiz.cpl I selected "Add Windows Components" and received the error message, can't open tabletpc.inf Attached is my hijackthis log.

    Any insight will be greatly appreciated...
  2. zipperman

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    This is Windows OS forum,
    It means include yours in the post.
    So add/remove is in your Control Panel ?
    So why use appwiz ?
    The top button is the one to use and check include updates.
    Try the others and post results.
    I didn't read your attached for this problem.
    I think MSoft has a fix for this.
    Try there FAQ.Check your updates.

    BTW,Some programs have their own uninstall.
    If thats what you want to do .
  3. rpopper

    rpopper TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry I neglected to provide full info.
    Op system is Win XP Pro with SP2

    I've tried "the top button"... with the resulting message, "Wait till list is populated". It never does get populated, which is the problem.

    I've tried MS FAQ but can't find any solution. Btw appwiz came from the MS database. Will continue to review similar issues listed and post back.
  4. evilfantasy

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    Sounds as if you may want to do a repair install.
  5. rpopper

    rpopper TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I think you may be correct. I' try and post back.
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