Under-pressure Netflix is working on livestreaming content


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TL;DR: It's long been said that Netflix is replacing traditional television. If a recent report is accurate, it might soon become a lot more like non-internet TV by livestreaming content. That could lead to popular voting shows, sports, and comedy specials being broadcast live on the platform.

Deadline reports that Netflix is currently "exploring" the launch of livestreaming and has confirmed that the capability is in the early stages of development. The publication notes the feature could be used to engage audiences with live voting for talent contests—something we see plenty of on traditional TV.

Live comedy could be another prime use for livestreaming. The first Netflix is a Joke festival was held earlier this year, featuring performances from over 300 comedians that included Dave Chappelle, Larry David, Bill Burr, and Jerry Seinfeld. Around 12 of the shows were filmed and will be shown on Netflix this month and in June, but many enjoy watching comedy live—though Netflix would probably delay it slightly to cut away from incidents like Dave Chappelle being attacked on stage during the event.

Disney+, which added 8 million new subscribers last quarter as Netflix lost subs for the first time ever, livestreamed the Academy Awards in February and will air celebrity dancing show Dancing with the Stars live later this year.

Netflix might still be the streaming king, but its crown has been slipping recently. Another price hike in January contributed to the unexpected decline in subscribers. Since then, it has talked about ad-supported tiers and cracking down on password sharing; it also laid off staff at fan site Tudum. Livestreaming could help things, but a recent report suggests we might simply have reached peak subscription.

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Again with the comedians just stop already: I don't want to hear a bunch of bullies tell me how they're being cancelled and *this* their 40th Netflix special is the one they *really* don't want you to see and it's just an hour of dehumanizing any oppressed group that's not them using third rate Tucker Carlson or Ben Shapiro talking points.

You know what? If this is your plan to "save" your company (That imo is not even in trouble regardless of what the stock prices say) then just go ahead I hope you definitively keep losing subs until a competitor just enacts a hostile take over I'm done.


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YEAH! Let's bring stupid reality TV like crap to Netflix.....something no one asked for!

Netflix needs to move some of their stuff away from binge watching. You have some shows (had a lot of shows, many that were canceled) that people really like. Stop dropping all 8-12 episodes at once. String people along by balancing out releases of news episodes and movies.

Even Disney+, when they run a 6 episode series, someone that really wants to watch it has to do one of two things:
1) know someone they can log into Disney+ account
2) sign up for Disney+ for 2 months


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Personally, I don't have any interest in watching Netflix's "comedy" as it is. The Art of the Slam is not what I call comedy, never has been, and never will be. And "Voting Shows" aka Reality series are the last thing that I want. There is nothing even remotely real in reality series unless one wants to watch "contestants" stab each other in the back. I don't want to watch that crap. Sports, maybe, but honestly, I am only interested in the NHL.

Stop the asinine panicking Netflix. You're great just as you are, and if you think that you can continue unbridled subscriber growth, you are living in an alternate universe. If you follow this path, you will just find a way to oblivion through mediocre programming.


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I ran away from stupid TV contents to Netflix. And now TV wants to return to my life. No way. I will see if there's a way to block those contents for morons (50%+ of people, being optimistic).


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I'm not in favor of live content. It has no value outside of sports and breaking news. How does it benefit me if the content is live instead of prerecorded and edited unless it is time sensitive? I think it would be best to have sports and live content services separate subscriptions and not bundled in. I feel the same way about Android games. If I want a game service then I will subscribe to a game service. I can't speak for everyone, but I don't want a "kitchen sink" service that tries to do everything and keeps raising the price to fund expansion into stuff I don't want.


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Netflix will keep faltering. The price of going woke
Disney won't get that far either. Invoking the righteous wrath of DeSantis, bad move Disney.
Go woke go broke
You guys have been forecasting doom and gloom for woke companies for how long now?

History will tell. But Netflix and Disney are highly unlikely to go anywhere because of being woke, and least of all disappear because tyrannical "leaders" are attempting to apply pressure to them. https://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/editorials/article260807652.html
I guess Desantis thinks that Blue states will bail him out after the $1B loss of revenue from Disney. 🤣


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Never understood why Netflix doesn't offer live local, regional and international news. So many people pay $8 extra a month to cable companies just to get their favourite 24hrs news chanel.


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Never understood why Netflix doesn't offer live local, regional and international news. So many people pay $8 extra a month to cable companies just to get their favourite 24hrs news chanel.
News channels or "bad" news channels? 😜