Undetected external drive

My external drive cannot be detected by any computer. I also used diskmgmt and devmgmt. I plugged it to different usb ports as well but to no avail. I have important files here and I really need your help. thanks


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What OS and how do u connect to this drive? Also have u tried the drive on another computer?


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Sounds to me like u'r drive is toast, and yes they do ware out. and when one quits, if it gets that far, u lose everything. I have had it happen to myself.


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Pull it out of the enclosure, try it internally.

I 2nd that. My Antec external enclosure failed recently. At first I thought it might be the drive, but it worked fine in the docking station. Tried it w/ another good HDD in the enclosure, same result, HDD was not recognized by Win7. Also tried other USB ports. No go. Got a new enclosure, all is well again.


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Pull it out of the enclosure, try it internally. Please try this before u give up!
External enclosure fail often...
Check whether there is something wrong with the power of the external hard drive. how about changing a new external enclosure? you can take the drive out of the exclosure and connect it to motherboard, and see whether it can be detected.
If all these fail, there must be mechnical problem with the drive


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^ Dude, I said that on January 10th, then was quoted, then plagiarized, and now you are taking the same idea that has been said 3 times so far and saying it again 3 weeks later.