Unexplained overheat stumps Best Buy

By bjj8383
Apr 7, 2011
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  1. I really don't know if this is in the right forum, because I really don't know what the root of the problem is.

    TL;DR: My laptop has symptoms of overheating, (forced shutdown, delay before it will restart,) but the temp is well within normal parameters AND it only happens when playing some games that are NOT the most cpu or graphics intensive games I use.

    My machine:
    Asus G73Jh laptop
    Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium SP1
    ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5800
    Intel Core i7 Q720 1.60GHz
    8 GB RAM

    A couple months ago, a new indy game called Magicka caused the symptoms I listed above. I thought it was a one-time thing, caused by inexperienced programmers making a game in their basement, until it started happening every time I tried to play either Magicka or L4D2 online with friends. Now, consistently, within 10-15 minutes of online gameplay, the forced sudden shutdown occurs.

    This does not happen with Supreme Commander 2, Sins of a Solar Empire, EVE or the other dozen games I play, many of which are much more cpu and/or graphics intensive than those listed above. When the shutdown does occur, the laptop does not feel hot at all; it can get much hotter doing other things and no shutdown occurs.

    I took it to Best Buy, since I bought it there, and according to them, all hardware seemed fine and all they could find were a few viruses. Suprise suprise when I brought it home, it was still borked.

    Right before the shutdowns started happening EVERY time I played those games, I also had a very strange anti-virus related slow-down problem than was resolved (to my bewilderment) by uninstalling the program; I can go into in detail if anyone thinks it would help.

    PLEASE don't make me hand my computer back to Best Buy so they can send it away for a MONTH!! :'( Any suggestions at all are very much appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Route44

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    It sounds like one of three things at this time: a) you are infected or b) the drivers of Magicka are causing issues, or c) you need to update the video drivers from Asus.
  3. bjj8383

    bjj8383 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    1) Best Buy removed everything they found. Also, the recent problem that caused me to uninstall my main antivirus occured much later than that first shutdown. So in the in-between I've run a LOT of programs looking for viruses that never found anything to speak of.

    2) I blamed it on Magicka for the logest time too, but, then Left 4 Dead 2 started doing the same thing...

    3) I downloaded a large update from ATI not long ago, and my Asus auto notifier hasn't informed me of anything but I could check.

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