Unknowing victim of emachine, board replacement, socket 754/478

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Hello all , I'm new here , almost as new at poking around inside my computer , at this point its nothing lost nothing gained ..... I have read several hundred posts of others who also fell victim to these substandard machines .. An e machines label wont be on my desktop again ... even if its case is blotted out with whiteout ......... Anyway enough rant , I'm here for your help .. I have an model T6420 ... amd athlon .. failed power supply that took the motherboard with it , originally a 2.2 - 64 bit .... 1600Mhz ... 1gb (512x2) machine , msi 7207 MotherBoard ...... I have looked at options , and due to purpose or use of it I remain torn as to the best way to replace it.... seems Cputopia com , On Sale , has a motherboard , ( basic single core board , processor and processor fan for a bit over a hundred dollars , dependent on options selected .. they also have a box (case) , processor , board and power supply for around 200 + dependent upon how equipped.... while the power supply upgrade , is $14 at one page its $19 at another , No big deal about that ... Anyway .. my other option is to get a sole independent , board with the same socket as my oem processor /motherboard and reuse my Atlon Processor - HD - DVD-Cd ...and , new windows7.program . as such , Now the crux of the problem is... I have seen T6420"s listed here and elsewhere , as , having come from the factory equipped as ... socket and processor .. 754 ... as well as 478 ... How do I know or how can I tell .... which one I have ... I need to compare performance of the T6420 - socket? 754/478 ?.... to the Sempron3000 .. ":(its been suggested this Sempron also comes in a variety of speeds , and cores , some better , some worse than the Atlon , it is dependent on the encoded processor suffix) " .. No description of such , is available with the advertised , replacement board and case . at cputopia ... and I certainly don't ... want to go down or backward in speed or performance ...... There are no performance specs advertised with this ( Cputopia com ) replacement board , case ,cpu fan or other optional parts available .either .... essentially no sepec no matter what I buy of the sempron ...... All replys will be appreciated .... my budget doesnt give me room for errors ... do it once and do it right the first time ... wish I had been this cautious when I bought the emachine , but budget was not as bad as now ... come Halloween I'm gonna put lipstick on it put it outside , and call it a pig ...with a big emachine billboard ....................... Regards to all here , Leo


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Dude, get a grip. I know less about computers now than before I read your post.

I thought that socket 478 was Intel (Pentium Celeron), now I come to find out that it's AMD.

An AMD Sempron 3000 only comes in one speed, if it's another speed, then it has a different number.

All of the s*** you mention is beyond obsolete, so maybe it's time for a whole 'nuther computer. Please, I heartily suggest that you avoid attempting to build a machine, at least in your current state of mind.

I don't think that any of us here are really equipped to deal with the anxiety, angst, or incoherent and rambling thought patterns you have exhibited thus far, let alone what you're trying to pass off as sentence structure.

BTW, my Emachines T-5026 just reached its 5th birthday. If you'd like to check in and wish it many happy returns, (pun not intended), here's the link; https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic143315.html

I would argue that it is not really possible to be an "unknowing victim" of Emachines.

You bought it because it was cheap, cheap s*** breaks. So where's the surprise, the mystery, or the unpredictability?
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