Unlocking Bluetooth on Cell phone

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Jun 18, 2006
  1. Okay so my friend's using TELUS for his cell phone service, but I'm using Rogers. He said he's limited on using the Bluetooth because TELUS & Rogers both "locked" it so you can't transfer certain files like Ring Tones - and I overheard some people saying because of this lock, TELUS cannot recieve any media files from a Roger's bluetooth & vice-versa.

    If this is true (which I hope it isn't - I haven't had time to meet up with that friend to test), is there any way to unlock it? I'd love to share some pictures & ringtones w/ my friends. And put in some custom wallpaper on my phone too.
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    What phone do you have?
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    Depending on what phone you have you can download ringtones, wallpapers and games etc. via a usb data cable from your computer with the right program.
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    the phone has to be designed with the feature, but the carrier turns it off. in these cases is is quite easy to turn it back on using seem edits. on the other hand, if the phone was never designed with that abilty, then you cannot make it work. as far as I know, the only phones that you can "hack" to re-enable the disabled features are motorolas, but i could be wrong.

    be aware however that while it is not illegal to edit your phone's firmware, what you do afterwards may be. sharing ringtones with your friends is considered file sharing of copywritten material, which is not only illegal but also violates techspot's forum rules.
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