unmountable boot volume HELP!

By vakero_pr
Feb 25, 2006
  1. OK, i believe someone hacks me because my computer did stuff by itself... like the mouse pointer moving around and open random stuff etc...

    then i receive this error in the screen Unmountable_boot_volume

    i search 4 info...

    I havent the boot cd so i download the windows xp boot disk, 6 floppys.

    i tried it, it works once then i did this:

    Then type "chkdsk /p" without the quotes and hit enter

    it was unable to find the AUTOCHK.EXE (something like that)

    i restart the system and tried again... in disk #4 appears this errors

    hidusb.sys ( corrupted )

    then this one

    symc8xx .sys corrupted

    now... im wondering what can I do....


    i read that maybe my hard disk is bad and i need to replace it.

    Please Help me Out..... and sorry about my english.

    I tried this page, http://www.techtips4u.com/kb/sw/SW00014.htm
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