Unmountable Boot Volume

By CoCo1019
Jul 6, 2006
  1. I was doing a search for an error that I am getting on my laptop (HP dv1000) and ended up here. I hope someone can help me!

    I was jumping around on the internet when it froze. I was able to restart, but no applications or documents would open, so I tried to again restart. I then got the Safe Mode message, and tried to restart in Safe Mode. Next came the blue screen with the "Unmountable Boot Volume" error. I tried to chkdsk /r off of the XP disk, but after several hours, once it was complete it said that most of it was not repairable. Is there something else that I should try? I tried to search through the previous responses, but it seemed like everyone else was ok once they did this.

    I have had my laptop for 2 years and have never had a single problem with it. My husband recently installed Office 2007 Beta...don't know if that would help at all.

    Thanks in advance for any help offered!
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    Hello CoCo1019.Welcome to Techspot.

    If none of the above work -

    I would remove the hard drive,and slave it to a desktop PC,and see if you can drag any personal files off.

    You can either do it with a cheap laptop/desktop intertnal IDE adapter like HERE

    or a slightly more expensive but more convenient external USB enclosure like HERE

    Find equivalent products in your country,obviously.Local PC shop maybe.
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    I would say that your hard drive has died. This happens more frequently on Laptops than on PC's and is caused by movement and shocks etc. Perhaps it may be vista. Uninstall it and see what happens. ALso I would check if the hard drive is damaged by taking it out, putting the jumper to slave and hooking it up to your PC by using an IDE adapter. If it works, then it is obviously not the HDD. Good luck, let us know how you go.


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