Unreleased SNES version of Rayman found nearly 25 years later

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From the 20th birthday of the Nintendo 64 and the announcement of Sonic Mania to the teardown of the ultra-rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype and the first 13 years of Nintendo Power finding their way to the Internet, it’s been a pretty great year for classic gaming fans.

Perhaps most exciting, however, is the emergence of some games and consoles that were once thought to have been lost forever to Father Time like this playable version of Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans or the recent release of the oddity that was The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablet.

Last week, Rayman creator Michel Ancel posted a screenshot of a Rayman game for Super Nintendo that was never released. Worse yet, the unfinished game had since been lost… until today.

Ancel once again took to Instagram to reveal that incredibly enough, the SNES ROM had been found after sitting dormant for nearly 25 years. The game designer even posted a photo of the EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory) containing the game and yes, even an photo of the game in action.

Taking it a step further, Ancel said they should do a Switch version of the game (referring to Nintendo’s recently revealed Switch hybrid console, formerly known by its codename, the NX).

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I had just done a SNES related posting on a basketball forum, and then I paused in confusion an hour later when I logged in to Tech Spot and saw Super Nintendo in a the headline.

Also, I believe Nintendo had those Nintendo Power taken off the website. So that should be updated.


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I would dig a little deeper around for the game's author whose remains must be scattered nearby.