Unstable internet connection with Linksys BEFSR41 Router

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Jan 31, 2004
  1. I've got a DSL connection, using a D-Link 300G+ modem which is connected into a Linksys BEFSR41 router. This is used to network 4 PCs.

    Everything worked perfectly well until about 2 weeks ago when my housemates started reporting problems. I had just uplinked a hub to the router to enable a 5th PC, and also my PS2 and X-Box consoles. At first I thought this might have been causing the problem, so I removed it - but the problems persisted.

    Every now and then, the internet connection on the entire network just seems to cut off completely and webpages fail to load. When trying to download files no connection can be established, or the download freezes partway through. The same goes for uploading files. We all use MSN messenger, and we can never be signed in for more than a minute without being signed out.

    The problems are the same for every computer in the house, and also the consoles - the connection cuts out when playing online games. The network itself (file sharing etc) works perfectly and never cuts out - its solely an internet problem.
    I have found one way around it - the Linksys router has a feature called DMZ (demilitarised zone) which effectively connects one computer directly to the modem by bypassing the firewall and all router settings (giving you all the advantages and risks of such exposure). If i activate the DMZ for one of the PCs, that PC has no problems, but they persist for every other user.

    I have read several websites about this, and many of them suggested Upnp settings - whether they are enabled or disabled on the router, the problems are the same. None of the router or individual PC settings have been changed since before christmas when everything was working. I have tried resetting the router.

    Any advice on this will be much appreciated.
  2. Rick

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    You may be able to update the firmware on your router. Visit linksys' website for more details.

    From my experiences, I have to say that Linksys wireless products are very poorly designed. They give underpar performance and inconsistant reliability. I've given Linksys the benefit of the doubt numerous times, and I've found myself disappointed with a wide variety of their wireless cards, routers and access points. I try and try again, but I finally learned my lesson. I suggest getting a different brand if you continue to experience problems.

    I always find myself getting another brand to replace them... I might recommend Netgear since I have nothing but praise about their wireless products. I have had no problems from D-link, although I have found Netgear products in general have better range and features for the money.

    Since DMZ fixes your problems, perhaps disabling the firewall all together can serve as a temporary fix. Hopefully a firwmare update can fix this.
  3. reddragon105

    reddragon105 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i have already got the latest firmware, i keep it up to date. i should have mentioned that in my post.
    its currently 1.45.7 (released July 31st 2003) and i checked for an update the other week when the problems started as thats the first solution i thought of

    i also thought of disabling the firewall for all computers - but how do i do that in the router? the DMZ allows only 1 PC at a time.

    i may consider swapping my router for another, i have had it for about 18 months and it has been 100% reliable until now. it seems that linksys products are reliable up to a point, but when they go wrong it is for no apparent reason

    i was wondering if the problem lay with the hub - if it was somehow interfering with the routers settings?
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    A hub is always the weakest link in any network. A switch allows all users simultaneously to use the network, whereas a hub only allows one user at any time. Also, most hubs are only 10MBit/s wheras switches are 10/100.

    If you buy a new switch or router, look for one with 8-10 ports, or 4-5 ports with a dedicated possibulity to uplink another switch, and while you are at it, perhaps a built-in print-server might come in handy?
  5. Nodsu

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    A hub is a completely passive device, it can not have any conflicts with your routers settings. It can only be faulty and generate bad signals.

    Since local connectivity is not affected then the hub and the switch are not to blame.

    Router crashes like you are experiencing are quite normal with those cheap routers meant for home use. The CPUs on those things are underpowered, the small memory is crammed with poor quality code etc..

    You should try disabling everything you don't need in the router settings. Upnp, DHCP, custom firewall rules - turn it all off. If you have set up port forwarding, make it as simple as possible. Only forward a couple of port ranges to each computer. For my router, disabling DHCP for 2 hosts out of 3 made it much more stable and it hasn't crashed once since I disabled DHCP altogether.
  6. Rick

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    Check this post out on another forum, reddragon. I skimmed over this quickly, but it looks like setting your DNS information manually (rather than letting the router take care of) seems to fix the problem.

    You aren't alone, since other people are experiencing this too.
  7. Liquidlen

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    I have been running that same router for 3 yrs , and I have had the same problem with it. If you have the builtin Zonealarm firewall Make sure all licenses are input correctly at each computer .The up to date numbers must not be the license number for the router.Zonealarm will pop u offline if the registrations are out of wack. Also static ip addresses work better for each item.
    Also I am not aware how your game boxes can get a zonealarm license configured.but the routers own license checks every server on the lan I could imagine a problem there but I am not sure
    BTW Rick that model is not wireless.
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