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Oct 16, 2008
  1. Whats up guys.
    ive had this problem for over 2 months now that i think about it..and when i first started experiencing artifacts, i thought it might of been the video card since thats the cause for most of the Colors in the computer.
    anyways, i realized it wasnt the video card cause i took it to my cousins house. he has about the same specs except he has an asus delux, just a little difference.
    ive tried switching the rams around, ive tried changing the hard drive for another one that i have on my bros pc..and still no luck. at this rate, im thinking it can be the motherboard or the cpu...but what makes me think it isnt the cpu is that i had Speed fan on the last time i used it. [a month ago] and idle would be 29 while load would be 50.
    around the first time i started experiecing these artifacts, it wasnt so bad..it would only come up when i would play games such as F.E.A.R, BF2/2142..basically anything that would recommend high end preformence.
    than it got worse and worse as i kept using it, up to the point where it cant even find the system file now or its corrupted as it shows when i try booting it.
    i can care less about erasing it at this point..even if i do try to reinstall windows..the artifacts gets so bad that i just get the Blue Screen of Death.

    so yea please someone help me with these and see if anyone can figure out the issue..
    Thanks to all.:dead:
  2. kimsland

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  3. M3CH4N3LDY

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    Im not able to do that unless i get it running to windows atleast, im gonna have to reinstall windows on another hard drive somehow
  4. kimsland

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    Oh yes, this line
    You need to run a Repair on Windows, using your Windows CD
    Or just install clean (removing the Partition within the initial setup process)
  5. SNGX1275

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    Check your RAM. Yeh you said you did that, but really? I got the impression you didn't really do any real troubleshooting other than just your gut instinct. Which isn't bad, I go by gut instinct all the time with comp stuff. But do a real RAM test by using memtest rather than just swapping ram with another computer.

    RAM problems are so unpredictable that it really should be one of the first diagnostic tests you do, and it should be done well.
  6. nickc

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    also, problems like this can turn out to be the hard drive or even the mother board. the way u are saying it is happening I think it is the mobo.
  7. Tedster

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    could also be an overheating issue.
  8. M3CH4N3LDY

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    ok guess the issue has been solved..apparently it was my Video card, which i didnt expect since it works perfectly in my cousins house..now check this out, my other cousin..who currently has a 9600 Series and has a 7600GT collecting dust..he brought his 7600 over..its alittle less than mine..mine just has a Superclock into it
    but anyways so he brings that and 2 G skill rams and 2 Corseair rams..512mb each, he puts his rams with my card..still got the artifacts..then he puts his card and it worked beautifully, no issues what so ever..except i had to reinstall windows al over again, i could care less though..i almost forgot after those 2 months of pain lol..but yes...but i just dont get how it works fine in my other cousins pc who also has a Asus motherboard just that his version is Delux..hmm, thats soemthing else i gotta look into..for now ill just use his spare video card
    thannks again guys for your replys :)
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