Unzipping problem

By vhawk
Aug 2, 2010
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  1. i'm using xp home on a generic computer.is generic the right word? it's not a brand.

    i'm a lot daft, particularly when it comes to computers.

    somehow or other when i zip something using 7zip to send, the recipient gets something .winrar.
    neither they nor i can afford winrar.

    has winrar somehow made itself the default zipper?
    if so how do i change it so that the free 7zip is the default zipper.
    i have uninstalled winrar, as far is i can tell, but i'm so dim i cannot swear to it.
    i changed the open with to 7zip file manager, but when i double clicked on it, it said".zip is not a valid win32application".
    what does that mean, and what have i done wrong?

    i really would like my friend to be able to unzip what i sent her but, like i say, she can't afford winrar, and neither can i.
    i suppose i seem completely stupid to you experts.


  2. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +117

    You should be able to tell 7zip what compression type you wish to use. e.g. .zip/.rar etc.

    Has the person recieving your email also got 7zip installed? If not, ask her to install it on her computer. It will then take over as default application for all compressed files it can open.

    The reason for asking is it could well be saving it as a .rar type, but 7zip can still open it up.

    What size is the file? You could just send the files if they're not too large - There is no need to compress smaller files. To be honest with you I can't remember the last time I actually compressed items before emailing them to someone.
  3. vhawk

    vhawk TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 177

    sothank you very much for taking the time and trouble to help me.
    so if she istalls 7zip she should only have to click on the file to unzip it?
    i have 7zip installed, so if iforward the email i sent to myself i should be able to unzip it too i suppose,

    but i can't be cause if i click on it i get into the evil winrar routine or get told ".zip is not a valid win32 application". i don't even know what that means.


  4. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +117

    She should be able to open it without problems once 7zip is installed on her computer.

    Windows XP doesn't have native support for .zip files. Later versions of Windows do. I can't comment on the valid win32 application issue, because I'm not too sure whats creating it.

    But if you both have 7zip you can both open/close/extract .rar/.zip files. I would keep to .zip though. It shouldn't be asking you to purchase, or use Winrar unless you have it installed already and its set as the default application for handling .rar files.

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