Updating Bios for Z68A-G43(G3)

By CW8719
Mar 1, 2017
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  1. So I've had this weird problem for the longest time with my computer. When I start it up it beeps once... then about 20 seconds later it beeps again. It does this a total of 3 times then the computer starts up fine. Its been doing this for as long as I can remember. Also when I start the computer I don't get the screen for the bios and I've tried every button to try to get into the bios without any result. So I've been thinking of updating my bios with hopes that maybe its just corrupted or something is just wrong with the version that is installed and maybe updating will fix this.

    Now, the problem is I've never updated or installed bios on any computer. I may be overthinking this but I'm worried I could do more damage then good.

    I'm getting the bios software from


    and I'm only getting v4.3 because it recommends having ivy bridge 22nm cpu for any version above v4.3 and I have a sandy bridge 32nm 2500k.

    So basically my question would be how do I go about doing this? when I download it and unzip the file there is an exe file in there but I'm not sure if I need to run that from a usb for it to work (and if so how can I change the boot order without getting to my bios) or can I just run it from inside windows? Also the fact that bios might be already corrupted play a role in this do I need to flash the bios or anything like that? And if so how would I go about doing that?

    If anyone has any info about this, or has ever worked with a board similar to this and can give a step by step rundown of how to install the bios that would be great.
  2. CW8719

    CW8719 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, so as it turns out I'm an ***** and I didn't scroll to the bottom of the page that I linked above... they have a video of how to flash and install the bios. But, in the video they say to enter the bios in order to use "M-flash" to install the new software, which I can't do since I can't get into my bios. So at this point I need to know how to do this without being able to access the bios.

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