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Oct 14, 2008
  1. I have a Asus K8v Se Deluxe motherboard. Originally i had 2 512 mb sticks in it of ram. I bought an extra 1 gig stick.
    When i put just that in everything is ok.
    When i put the 1 gig and 1 512 mb everything runs fine.
    If i put all three in the computer boots but nothing is displayed on my monitor. Why is this happening?
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  3. sarge1991

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    Thanks for the info but the upgrade doesnt conflict with any of those requirments. With all 3 cards it would only be 2 gigs and there all ddr-400 pc3200. I don't know why it would do this. Could it be the power supply? I'm thinking ill have to call the tech support.
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    I'm thinking Bios update on the Motherboard myself
    You could click on the link above, then look at Drivers (although the link is presently running real slow, they had site maintenance today at AsusTEK)
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    do you need a floppy drive to update the bios? I have never done it before and do not have one on my computer.
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    Well floppy is good, because you can also backup the present bios (if all goes wrong!)
    But you can actually create a boot CD (or use a boot CD)
    And then run the command to update your bios (from being burnt to CD)
    Actually try www.bootcd.com for lots of Boot CD downloads

    Regarding the "if all goes wrong" !
    Well not even the manufacture (who makes the Bios and motherboard)
    Gaurantee that updating your Bios may or may not hurt anything
    Usually Bios updates from leading brands, such as Dell; Hp; Asus are Ok (But you do need to be aware that there is some risk - although minor!)

    The idea, is to absolutely confirm that the Bios link above is your computer.
    Here's one way of doing that.

    Please press the GO button, to find your exact model, and all downloads
  7. sarge1991

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    I am a little weary with upgrading the bios, especially with the fact that the website says wait to use it as a last resort. Is there any other reason this would be happening?
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