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Mar 24, 2010
  1. hi..i have intel p4 processor 519k 3.06ghz ..its pretty old and i am having ASUS PTGD1-LA mother board...and it does not have a graphic extension slot ....and i am thinking to change my mother board because it does not support many games...and use the same p4 processor..any ideas which motherboard will meet into my criteria....or else ...is it advisable to completly upgrade my motherbrd and processsor..??
  2. dustin_ds3000

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    how much money do you want to speed
  3. rocky17

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    money actually is not a problem..if i never have to ugrade it again..:))
  4. dustin_ds3000

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  5. Ritwik7

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    Willing to build a system by yourself?

    Well, sometime you'll have to. But giving us a budget makes it slightly easier to recommend components.
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    Try this

    Get a Biostar 945GC-M4 this mobo has been developed to support a modern architecture,
    It has an 800MHz FSB,HD Audio,Lan,and this is the deal breaker for a 478 system a (PCI-E x16 slot and up to 4 GB DDR2-667 Ram) Keep all your " stuff " except the old ram.This board can support even the most high end graphics card.I can be ordered from newegg or from Biostars site for $59.99.This is the only way to turbo charge your old system.
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