URGENT: A8N-SLI deluxe chipset fan replacement

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Sep 25, 2005
  1. Well, my newly purchased board (1 month old) just had the chipset fan die. I know this is a common problem for this board, and that ASUS has been very good about replacing these fans with new ones.

    But, I am in Japan, and the problem is not so easily solved. ASUS here has asked me to ship my board to Taiwan for them to look at it, and it'll take a month to fix the fan.

    I am not going to wait a month. I am going to buy a 3rd party chipset fan for it. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should buy?
  2. Didou

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    I would still get it replaced as it is fault from Asus. They shouldn't have shipped so many boards with that defective chipset fan.

    In the meantime you can use the Zalman NB47J but it seems the chipset runs too hot for it to be passive. You might have to add a small fan like the one on the picture.

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  3. Merc14

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    here is a great post from another forum that may help with your problem.

    Easy, cool and quiet fix for P.O.S. Asus chipset fan
    If you want to get rid of that noisy,whining, pos chipset fan and don't want to go with a passive solution here is what I did and it seems to be a vast improvement. Get this Pabst 40mm fan: http://www.endpcnoise.com/cgi-bin/e/40mmpapst.html remove the cover aand the stock fan but not the heatsink. (It's easy) . Get yourself some #4 by 5/8 inch long screws ( 3/4 will work with 2 #4 washers stacked under them if you can't find 5/8 screws) and attach the fan to the existing heatsink. The holes line up perfectly. This fan is very quiet (19 Dba), moves alot of air, and keeps my chipset 10 degrees C cooler. My video card next to it is also cooler. The fan is low profile and fits just fine with my stock 6800gt's. I believe that it would also work with dual slot cooling with little or no modification. I've been running the fan for 3 weeks to test it before posting but for those of you who know Papst fans don't fail. The fan comes with a 4-pin molex so if you want to connect it to the motherboard you'll have to get a 3-pin converter. I just plugged it into the loop with all my case fans which are on a controller when I need to be really quiet. Hope this helps.
  4. pkroks

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    i bought a pc from Alienware and it came with the Deluxe Mobo. I thought that Alienware put the best products together for the best performance!
    If thats the case then why do they ship a mobo that has seemingly numerous problems with the chipset fan?
    also i live in Africa (a friend brought the pc with him), how am i supposed to get a new fan if it fails! now i am cross! :mad: are there new motherboards that don't have the chipset problem?? :confused:

    And before people ask why alienware its because buying my new rig here in Africa would have cost double the price (even when i built it myself)
  5. DonNagual

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    pkroks, that motherboard is still and amazing motherboard. Don't be discouraged. The chipset fan fault is a pain in the ****, but easily fixed. Yes, it sucks that ASUS made the mistake. Sucks big time.

    If your chipset fan fails (like mine did), go to their website and use the links to send them an email. I got a response from them the very next day. In my case, the resellers in Japan wanted me to send in my motherboard, which I did not want to do. So I emailed ASUS directly (Taiwan office) and they immediately sent me a replacement chipset fan. I should be getting it today.
  6. pkroks

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    ya i know its an amazing board i just started getting worried with all these reports of bad chipset fans that i been seeing around forums. thanks anyway
  7. DonNagual

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    I knew about the chipset fan problems before I bought my board. When I purchased it, I asked the dealer to be sure to give me a board that had recently been manufactured thinking that with the problem being as well known as it is, ASUS would have fixed things up.

    No luck. My chipset fan started bailing on me a month after I bought it.
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