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By Milwaukean
May 31, 2006
  1. Gurus
    Here is the problem with my T2692 - yep the eternal emachines crap.

    Purchase date: You guessed it - 11/26/04 - $299.99.

    Worked great till I modified a bit - a Bit? Well. Installed XP Professional instead of XP home. And software like SPSS and MS Office Prof 2003. So the problems started.

    1st Problem - CPU fan stopped. Contacted emachines. He said adjust the windows power system (never off - both hdd and monitor etc. It used to be, off after 20 min). Anyway. HE also recommended that I replace the CPU fan.

    This made it work for another week. Then again CPU Fan failed and system halted for no reason. ALL THE WHILE POWER SUPPLY IS WORKING FINE.

    What I did?

    Removed PSU and fan and took it to local PC store. The guy there tested it and told that PSU and fan BOTH are fine - working just OK. SO I removed the MOBO and took it to him. He tested and said it is mobo that is failing.

    SO after reading reviews on this forum I found that the mobo "might" be already dead/fried. I called emachines and they say it is chipset 845gv mobo with mpgA-478 socket and DIMM0 has the DDR PC2100 memory (256MB).

    Now I need your help. Which mother suits for this PC?

    My system is intel celeron 2.62 GHz. Newegg has the Biostar mobo and a variety of mobos of which I am not sure how to choose.

    I want to put about 100 to 150 bucks to set this up and since my HDD and CD-ROM look OK (I added another zip drive too) I hope new mobo + power supply +fan will work good (Though psu and fan are good I wan to put new to avoid repeat frying of the mobo).

    I am looking for specific mobo+psu+fan for this particular machine.

    The caveat - the local PC shop where I took the machine wants $60 for mobo, $50 for psu (400 w) and $25 for fan. He will test on spot and give it to me. $135 is not bad.

    He will also set it up for $40 but I can do this set up.

    What is your advice and can you guide me in this by showing me exact mobo that could fit?


    Can I use 865GV board instead of 845GV (which I have now, but not working?)

    Does my DDR PC2100 memory work with DDR 400 (PC3200) slot? (MSI or Biostar boards have this)

    I have been researching since a week but not sure exactly what to buy and what not to.

    Meanwhile bless best buy I got a new laptop for 399.99 on Memorial day weekend (Toshiba at 1.7 GHz). So I am set up with alternative. :)

    Thanks a bunch to all. Please respond.
  2. Milwaukean

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    I forgot to say that we tried to use USB Flashdrive 2.0 (512MB) first and it gave problems on the front panel. Could this have caused the entire set of mobo frying? The USB drive soemtimes worked but mostly failed. However the older version of USB 1.x drive usually worked great w/o any fuss. Thanks
  3. jobeard

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    if it's this much pain, consider taking the money and starting over.

    You know one of the problems with keeping an older car running is the
    nickle & dime problem; this fix is only a nickle (figuratively) and that one a dime,
    but multiple the number of fixes by the cost of each and add all the time and
    effort, you would have been better served to just reinvest in a latter model,
    even a used one.
  4. Milwaukean

    Milwaukean TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

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